February 7, 2018

Episode 18: 100-mile race recap with Gabi Maudiere

In this BONUS episode, we welcome back Gabi Maudiere! Since our first chat together, Gabi has accomplished some incredible feats!!

Questions we ask Gabi include:

-Since the last time we chatted, what has made you thrive?

-Recently you were working through  finals...what are some of you self-care habits during this time?

-You finished your 100-mile race and you CAME IN FIRST PLACE (holy moly!!). Would you mind telling us about this experience?

-What was your mindset like at different stages of the race?

-What physiologically happens during to your body during a 100-mile race?

-How do you handle these physical/mental challenges? Nutrition/fueling? Aches/pains?

-Recently you announced that you have begun run coaching! What was your draw to do this?

-What sorts of services will you offer?

-How do your services differ from other coaches?

-How can listeners connect with you to schedule coaching?


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