January 22, 2018

Episode 15: Allie Kieffer with Oiselle

This week we welcome marathoner and Oiselle professional runner to the show, Allie Kieffer! Allie is a 30 year old Buffalo, NY native who was exposed to running at an early age. In middle school, Allie found solace darting through the wooded single track trails and has been in love since. She is the former indoor marathon world record holder, fifth place finisher in the NYC Marathon (2nd place American), and most recently won the Doha Half Marathon. Allie admits that the other career she fantasizes about is being a mother and her superpower is believing in herself.

Questions we ask Allie include:

How did you get your start in running?

Where did you attend university? What did you study?

Would you mind describing to us about your experience running in college?

We would love to hear from you your experience of the NYC Marathon!

What was going through your head during the race? Were you expecting to PR by so much or did you surprise yourself?

At the beginning of the year you wrote an article for Self titled, “My Weight has Nothing to do with How Good a Runner I Am.” What was your reasoning behind writing this article?

What response have you received from it?

In the article you mentioned various times where people mentioned that you were a “bigger runner” or “that you could run so well for being built bigger.” I can imagine that hearing these words didn’t always sit well with you. How did you adopt a mentality to ward off those negative thoughts about body image and weight?

What advice do you have for athletes who are experiencing similar experiences?


How did you manage to gain weight quickly after realizing that you had lost enough to impact your performance negatively?

We LOVE your habit of adding as many nutrients to you possibly can instead of focusing on calories. How do you go about achieving this?

What are some of your favorite foods that pack a nutrient punch?

You recently signed with Oiselle (whoot-whoot!). What was the driving force behind that decision?

In your first race as a Bird you won the Doha Half Marathon! How did it feel to win this race and represent Oiselle?

How do you “get in the zone” before races? Are there any special things you do to get ready?

Instead.. Any favorite recovery methods?

What’s next in the life of Allie Kieffer (can be running related or not!)?

What is currently making you thrive?

What advice would you give to your younger self?

What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?

How can our listeners connect with you?


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